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What to Look for in a UEM Solution & IT Provider

Unified Endpoint Management, or UEM, is taking off in the business world because it’s quickly becoming a necessity for businesses at every level, from small and medium to enterprise. The more devices and systems you introduce to your company, the more IT must step in to effectively manage them for your employees—and managing them is becoming a bigger challenge, especially with the growth of corporate BYOD programs.

When interviewed by Computerworld, a principal analyst at technology industry analyst firm J. Gold Associates predicted that in 2019 we can expect most EMM and MDM suites to migrate to complete UEM suites that manage personal computers, mobile devices and Internet of Things (IoT) and Enterprise of Things (EoT) deployments.1 The way companies are growing and fueling their teams with devices now shows the trend that these organizations will follow in the next few years, which requires the level of preparation and capability that UEM affords.

Finding that Perfect UEM Partner

As companies search for a better way to manage their technology endpoints, they need to “evaluate new solutions not only based on management capability, but also on the burden on IT.” Meaning business leaders must also consider the interplay of scaling their organization, impacting their IT team and continually making room for IT to factor innovation and larger strategy in their everyday efforts.1 Unified Endpoint Management makes all of this possible, so companies are jumping on the bandwagon to propel themselves forward in 2019.

But starting the search for a UEM solution that fits your needs and offers the best functionality for your team can seem overwhelming. And finding that perfect UEM partner can be tough; you need to weed out a technology provider in the growing Unified Endpoint Management market that is truly invested in your business and can help you take big steps toward business enablement and innovation. They should provide an easy-to-use, centralized solution that sets the standard for other secure endpoint managers.

Finding a UEM Solution

With Gartner predicting that 80% of employee tasks will take place on a mobile device by 2020,1 endpoint management is shifting away from a Windows-centered world. Also, with company hardware growing more diverse, UEM solutions are gaining traction among organizations that are ready to make the investment in protected endpoint management.

Find a Unified Endpoint Management solution right for your team by looking out for these specs:

  • Erases the burden of management activity on internal IT teams
  • Creates a more streamlined lifecycle that secures mission-critical technology
  • Offers proactive threat monitoring, access control and identity and patch management
  • Remains a user-centric service that fixes issues fast and secures unique IT environments

Finding a UEM Provider

It’s not all in just the UEM solution. Equally important is getting the support you need to run a tight ship requires an always-on technology partner that works with your internal team to make the most of your system, your budget and your time.

Here’s what the perfect UEM provider should advertise and truly deliver on:

  • Acts as an extension of your IT team and provides experienced endpoint management
  • Delivers consistent products on time and offers consulting around specific needs
  • Engages with product development teams for continuous process improvement
  • Ensures employees have a productive experience with your technology and brand

Need More Reasons to Start the Search?

IT teams are under more pressure to innovate and fuel long-term success for their organization while still keeping the lights on to effectively execute everyday tasks. Using siloed tools to manage diverse IT endpoints that are growing in number and complexity isn’t going to work for much longer.

Learn more about the benefits of using Unified Endpoint Management to control IoT devices and more by working with an experienced IT partner to bring the most ROI for your business.

Want more information on UEM and finding a trusted IT partner? Contact Dynamic today.

1. In 2019, look for AI-enabled mobile devices – and a UEM push, Computerworld



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