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What is Lifecycle Management?

Learning the Lifecycle

Whether a company needs an IoT device built from the bottom up for end users or custom IT equipment for internal teams, the production and deployment of those assets typically follow a single streamlined lifecycle from start to finish. CIOs and CTOs often outsource the management of this cycle to encourage efficiency, eliminate errors and free up time internally for moving the business forward.

IT lifecycle management is the strategic management of designing, developing and testing technology assets for a business.

The Typical IT Asset Lifecycle

  1. Determine requirements and functionality
  2. Obtain stakeholder buy-in and consult IT provider
  3. Assess risk and create product plan
  4. Generate 3D design and validate features
  5. Develop product prototype and test




IT Lifecycle Management Best Practices

There are a few best practices that smart businesses and their IT providers follow to create a solid cycle that makes everyone’s lives easier. Ask your team or provider if these best practices are top of mind in your lifecycle process.

stay within budgetStay within budget:

With the number of moving parts that make up a typical final product, going over-budget is common. Every element of an IT asset project needs to be strategic. Monitoring market price fluctuations to prevent surprises later is one way to do this, and acquiring high-quality products based on a set pricing structure will ensure you stay within budget.

qualityEnsure quality control:

Mistakes can happen at any development stage and can affect the quality of a final product if not caught and fixed early. By building a product to specification through ISO and quality assurance processes, you can avoid these mistakes and leverage the best hardware and software to create a top-notch project.

on timeStick to timelines:

Failure to launch a product within a specific timeline could reduce market competitiveness and affect end users. Planning and sticking to a timeline can cut down time-to-market without compromising quality. An IT provider’s logistics system can reduce deployment time and fully manage product fulfillment to ensure timely asset delivery.

complianceRemain compliant:

Asset projects that use third-party components create potential compliance and licensing issues. By gaining complete visibility into all components and only leveraging products through OEM-authorized channels, a project can remain consistent and compliant.

communicationAlways communicate:

Processes often exist in silos with different departments and individuals deep in their own tasks and failing to stay connected. Open lines of communication and transparency for every process will establish expectations and prevent lifecycle setbacks due to communication failures.




The Simple Solution

Compliant lifecycle management for high-quality devices deployed fast

At Dynamic, we understand that accuracy, availability and reliability are critical for IT teams. Our proprietary process, Q-wrxSM, handles IT lifecycle management to achieve all of this and more, ensuring specification control and producing endpoints that are built the same way every time.

This proven process, refined through decades of work in highly regulated industries, is used to identify, acquire, configure, document, validate and effectively deploy assets for worry-free IT inventory management. Q-wrxSM can reduce deployment times from three weeks to three days or less, improving an organization’s ability to sell product and boost bottom lines. And with analytics collected from deployed devices, added visibility can enhance the customer or end user experience for continuous improvement and tackle new needs as the marketplace transforms.



Work with Dynamic Computer Corporation to explore your options for IT lifecycle.

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