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What is Asset Management?

IT asset management creates a detailed, up-to-date inventory of an organization’s IT assets, which include any company-owned information, systems or hardware, and leverages this inventory to drive all IT-related decisions. Smart, proactive planning through ITAM leads to a reduction in waste and unnecessary risk.

Assessing All Assets

Many organizations today still implement asset management practices only when a specific situation demands its aid, but this means they revert back to inefficient, unproductive and unsafe practices until the next challenge comes their way. The best practices below can help generate more business value through asset management.

IT asset management, or ITAM, is a set of business practices for optimizing spend and supporting strategic decision-making by controlling asset inventory.

IT Asset Management Best Practices

  • Create a full IT inventory to gain visibility into all assets that exist in the organization.

CHECK Hardware & software
CHECK Infrastructure, servers & applications
CHECK Mobile devices
CHECK Cloud assets

  • Determine what constitutes a critical asset, which may require greater oversight or management than others.
  • Manage software licenses to remain compliant, prepare for software audits and avoid unnecessary costs.
  • Keep track of vendors, network configuration data, locations, user info, purchase and disposal info, as well as financial information.
  • Set KPIs that matter, such as asset depreciation rate, average maintenance cost and average lease violation fines paid.
  • Establish regular reporting processes and remain consistent with execution.
  • Outsource patching, application deployment, reporting and other key functions to free up IT time, ensure complete compliance and stay cost-effective.
  • Continually update your asset database and focus on change management.


How to Get Started


Finding Tools & Providers

Use the checklists below to find a lifecycle and asset management tool and provider that can help you overcome common IT challenges.

Tools for Asset-Management

Tool Checklist

Asset Management Tools Checkbox-1 Keeps assets reliable and secure

Asset Management Tools Checkbox-1 Prevents malware and cyberattacks

Asset Management Tools Checkbox-1 Manages lifecycle logistics

Asset Management Tools Checkbox-1 Creates visibility over lifecycle and inventory

Asset Management Tools Checkbox-1 Alleviates painful and inefficient processes


Partner for Asset-Management

Provider Checklist

Asset Management Tools Checkbox-1 Leverages technology partnerships

Asset Management Tools Checkbox-1 Produces custom on-spec endpoints

Asset Management Tools Checkbox-1 Provides personalized support

Asset Management Tools Checkbox-1 Offers a wide variety of asset options

Asset Management Tools Checkbox-1 Ensures compliance, consistency and control

Asset Management Tools Checkbox-1 Deploys products in 2 to 3 days

Asset Management Tools Checkbox-1 Helps prepare for compliance audits

Asset Management Tools Checkbox-1 Remains on budget


The Simple Solution

Compliant lifecycle and asset management for high-quality devices deployed fast

At Dynamic, we understand that accuracy, availability and reliability are critical for IT teams. Our unique process handles both IT lifecycle management and IT asset management to achieve all of this and more, ensuring specification control and producing endpoints that are built the same way every time.

This proven process, refined through decades of work in highly regulated industries, is used to identify, acquire, configure, document, validate and effectively deploy assets for worry-free IT inventory management. This can reduce deployment times from three weeks to three days or less, improving an organization’s ability to sell product and boost bottom lines. And with analytics collected from deployed devices, added visibility can enhance the customer or end user experience for continuous improvement and tackle new needs as the marketplace transforms.

We provide an end-of-life (EOL) data analysis, automated EOL notifications, integration with supply chain services, bill of materials (BOM) management, integration with customers’ change management processes and last-time buys all to help make the end-to-end management of your assets’ lifecycles simple, comprehensive and successful.

For more information or help getting started on your asset lifecycle management project, contact us at:

866-257-2111 | 248-473-2200 |

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in September 2019 and has been updated with new information for comprehensiveness.



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