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Single-Sourcing IT Manages Risk in IT Supply Chain

Single-Sourcing IT Manages Risk in IT Supply Chain

Dynamic developed our Q-wrxSM solutions with a particular sets of customers in mind — those who have high quality requirements.

Consider medical device manufacturers (MDMs). They must comply with strict FDA regulations for their devices’ integrated IT.  Major MDMs rely on custom Q-wrxSM solutions to help minimize risk, optimize quality and increase savings.

U.S. federal and defense agencies, along with their contractors, are another top target for Q-wrxSM. The risks from poor IT supply chain performance are simply too great. Government IT contracting and procurement officers need the ensured quality, reproducibility, and accountability Q-wrxSM provides.

The quality-enhancing and risk-mitigating benefits of Q-wrxSM extends to all of our customers whether there industry demands such rigorous compliance standards or not.

Optimizing IT Investments

Single-sourcing IT hardware and software purchases through Dynamic can be the first step to gaining the Q-wrxSM advantage. We work in close collaboration with our customers to find every opportunity for increasing efficiency, improving quality, and controlling costs in their IT infrastructure.

  • Are there more cost-effective products customer could be using? Often there are, and we help to find them.
  • Could the customer simplify or even eliminate some IT configuration, asset management, and logistical tasks? We apply our proven expertise to enable customers to streamline their IT processes.
  • Dynamic helps customers optimize IT investments by prolonging IT product lifecycles and reducing downtime in IT set-up.

Finely Calibrated Buying

Dynamic’s partnerships with over 500 technology leaders are central to the customer’s Q-wrxSM solution. We only purchase through OEM authorized channels. Our purchasing decisions are vendor-neutral and finely calibrated to meet our customer’s specific needs.

Dynamic has preferred pricing arrangements with many OEMs that we extend to our Q-wrxSM customer for significant savings. We can also work within the customer’s existing OEM relationships. Sometimes our insights into IT pricing enable us to negotiate with the customer’s vendors to gain even more favorable pricing on key products.

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