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Testing & Validation

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Testing & Validation

We analyze product requirements, specifications, and options; verify that components are properly integrated; provide evidence of performance; and certify specification compliance.

Are you seeking to:
  • Extend Product Lifecycle?
  • Optimize Product Design?
  • Avoid Over Specification?
  • Ensure Quality & Compliance?
  • Lower Development Costs?
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What We Do and How We Add Value:

What We Do:

Comprehensive Definition of Specifications

Technical Engineering Consulting

Pre-Validation Testing

Development of PMO Managed Procedural Checklists and Work Instructions

How We Add Value:

What We Do:

Feasibility Testing

Software Testing

Integration of Next-Generation Computing Hardware into Existing Mechanical Systems and Devices

How We Add Value:

What We Do:

Root Cause Analysis

Failure Mode and Effects (FMEA) Analysis

Creation of Master Device Record

Adherence to Regulatory Compliance

How We Add Value:

What We Do:

Coordination and Delivery of Product Samples

Management of Product Order Delivery and Quality

Management of OEM Pricing

How We Add Value:

Questions Our Customers Ask

We work closely with your R&D engineers to understand the requirements, and as requirements evolve. Then we leverage our supply chain of more than 700 partners to identify options that optimized the design and specification requirements. We present our top three recommendations in a parametric analysis, so that you can identify the option that best meets your needs. Our recommendations leverage Dynamic’s first-hand knowledge and experience with an extensive range of electronics or hardware components. In all cases, we seek to serve the best interests of our customers.

Absolutely. In our parametric analyses, we not only address how a specific component or sub-component meets requirements; we also assess supply chain risks including life cycles, country of origin, sub-component material constraints, OEMs that may have better security of supply, as well as safety and security requirements in the countries where our customers sell their products.

We have recurring interaction with leading OEMs that we do business with, and maintain forward looking visibility into their product roadmaps before they are published publicly. We also continuously monitor technology trends, and communicate those insights to our customers in regularly scheduled governance meetings, as well as in publications we produce, such as The Lazarus Report.

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We can provide security of supply through our TechSupply Program, which leverages our extensive supply chain experience and supplier relationships to avoid stock outs and End-of-Life issues. We provide security of supply and appropriate inventory levels, and ensure pricing stability while keeping inventory on Dynamic’s books until shipped to our customers at predetermined quantities and intervals.

Our TechSupply Program can provide long-term fixed pricing for up to 5 years for our customers’ technology systems and components. There is no other industry source that provides this level of pricing stability.

Proactive End-of-Life management is one of the services that differentiates Dynamic. We have a disciplined process that obtains forward looking End-of-Life information that’s integrated into our SAP system, and manages every line item in the BOM. This enables us to send automated alerts to our internal customer management teams and directly to our customers.

We consistently achieve our goal to provide six to nine months advance notice of a component that’s going End-of-Life. When we provide that notification to customers, we also provide a recommendation for a next generation replacement. For many customers, we integrate into their change management process. Our End-of-Life notification includes a completed supply change notification form that customers can use to trigger the change process within their organization.

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Absolutely. First, we maintain correct documentation through our electronic traveler process, which involves a master device record that lives with each of the materials that we manage and supply; ensuring that all the components and documentation are complete and packed in each kit. From a defect-free parts perspective, we perform incoming inspection on every part we receive through our supply chain. As an ISO 13485 certified company, we to ensure that all production orders are delivered Right First Time (RFT).

Dynamic takes its responsibility as a supply chain partner very seriously. Some customers outsource their demand planning and supply chain management to us, and we commit to a 99+% OTIF performance, on every order we receive. Doing that helps our customers keep their line from going down.

Through our TechSupply Program we establish guardrails around your inventory that guarantees availability. We know our customers can have uneven demand, so we provide flexibility by acquiring appropriate levels of safety stock. Dynamic holds that safety stock to meet unexpected demand, so that our customers can deliver on time and full.

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One of our key roles and differentiators is keeping abreast of all the safety and compliance requirements in the regions of the world where our customers sell products. This end-to-end service involves providing proper compliance documentation that might include REACH or RoHS documentation, and BIS or CCC documentation for China. We ensure that the products we purchase on behalf of our customers meet the compliance requirements for the countries where they do business. We provide a C of C for each order, and in many cases, each unit; attesting to Dynamic’s verification that the materials were produced to specification.

Over time, an existing technology can become “over-spec-ed,” often because when it goes End- of-Life it’s easier to move on to the OEM’s next generation for that product. But typically, the next generation has more robust specifications, compared to the original requirements for that component. When we engage with a customer, we examine not only the hardware’s current specifications; we also review prior versions, so that we can understand the original requirements and make recommendations for what we call “right sized” specifications.

Feedback we receive consistently from our industry leading medical device customers is that Dynamic is, by far, more responsive than any big box distributors and integration partners that they’ve worked with. In fact, many customers use Dynamic as their voice in negotiating with those suppliers. When there’s a problem, Dynamic has the experience, the relationships and the leverage to get it resolved correctly and quickly.

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Through our TechSupply Programs, Dynamic can hold a customer’s excess inventory on our books for extended periods, which keeps it off their balance sheet. Inventory controls and Just-in-Time order flows ensures our customers of availability of supply.

We can provide security of supply and appropriate inventory levels through our TechSupply Program, which leverages our extensive supply chain experience and supplier relationships to avoid stock outs and End-of-Life issues.

Our TechSupply Program can provide guaranteed long-term fixed pricing for up to 5 years for our customers’ technology systems and components. There is no other industry source that provides this level of pricing stability.

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