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Complex Technical Configuration

You need a supply partner that can increase the reliability and lifecycle of your product.

We focus on the details required to deliver a long-term solution.

Complex Technical Configuration

We design and build complex technical configurations for connected, embedded and digitized electronic components, for all types of mission critical systems. Each system component is specification-compliant, thoroughly tested and highly secure.

Through our imaging, configuration, and component installation, we connect and assemble your solution or system — including complex software and hardware integrations. We verify that devices have the correct user profiles and setup for your specific requirements. We build, test, and deploy on spec software images.

Our technicians apply a rigorous quality control discipline to ensure that your custom solution is correct, purpose-built, and delivered exactly as you expect.


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Our services include:

Complex Technical Configuration | Design


  • Creation of Value-Engineered Technical Proposals
  • Proof of Concept Development
Complex Technical Configuration | Component

Imaging, Configuration and Component Installation

  • Image Management and Version Control
  • Component Installations
  • Custom Integration and Configuration
  • Development of User-Ready / Zero-Touch Systems
Complex Technical Configuration | Logistics


  • Custom Packaging and Labeling
  • Kitting of Systems, Accessories, and Components
  • Documentation and Coordination of Certificates of Conformance
Complex Technical Configuration | Quality

Quality Control

  • Zero Defect Inspections
  • Master Device Record Development and Device History Management
Technology Supply Chain Design & Management

Inventory Management

  • Last-Time Buy Warehousing
  • On-Hand Inventory Management
  • Customer Inventory and Order Management Portal

Why Dynamic?

For Design?

For Imaging, Configuration and Component Installation?

For Logistics?

For Quality Control?

For Inventory Management?

What clients say...

“Dynamic has been a valued and trusted partner for decades. Their deep understanding of technology is a tangible asset for their clients."
Partner Business Manager
“Dynamic provides a comprehensive portfolio of leading solutions and services to meet the evolving needs of any client for any market. We are proud to partner with them."
Senior Manager - Named Accounts
“I received my devices, and was up and running in record time. Your process works great! Nice work on everything. This process is very efficient and incredibly easy to operationalize a new device."
Chief Technology Officer
“I want to express my personal appreciation for all of your help. Thank you for everything you're doing for us. We're truly grateful."
Senior Vice President - Information Systems
“Communication, flow and response time are really good. I appreciate their willingness to learn our internal product lifecycle process. I always feel an intent to do the right thing from Dynamic."
Senior Manager of New Product Introductions
“Our EOL management has improved drastically with Dynamic's 24 hour notification of parts going EOL, and with monthly reviews of action items. Their customer portal with real-time data is also very helpful."
Senior Manager - Direct Procurement
“Dynamic has gone above and beyond to communicate critical issues, to understand our processes and procedures, and to comply accordingly."
Director of Instrumentation Software Development
“I believe this is the first time that I have ever received a supply chain risk assessment like this from any supplier."
Senior Procurement Manager - Direct Electronics
"Dynamic provided the exact combination of technology and non-technology-related components required. The risk of downtime and failure was mitigated by tightly managing the BOM and ensuring FDA standards to optimize the supply chain. There have been zero product defects since the product launch in 2014."
Medical Device Manufacturer

These endorsements do not identify client names, to honor confidentiality agreements.


Proactive End-of-Life Management

The Key to Product Lifecycle Extension

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