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The Big Idea Behind Q-wrx?

It has been nearly six months since Dynamic Computer Corporation formally introduced Q-wrxSM, our comprehensive suite of IT configuration, asset management, and logistics processes for regulated environments. Since then, our customers have enthusiastically embraced the Q-wrx services. They see how their custom Q-wrx package builds upon our ISO-certified quality management system to help them meet their specified and mandated IT controls. Q-wrx, in short, is IT compliance ensured.

Yet customers have their own special ways to describe the mission-critical value we provide to them through Q-wrx. It’s great when they do, because then we know, in the real world (not just in a brochure, a web page, or a sales presentation), how customers are absorbing the Q-wrx value proposition and using it to overcome their challenges.

And while each customer’s needs are at least somewhat distinct, what one customer tells us they especially value about Q-wrx will almost certainly resonate with others.

This is precisely what happened when we introduced Q-wrx to a particular customer in the federal marketplace a few months back. Going a bit by memory here, she said, in essence: “I see what you’re getting at with this. Q-wrx is Quality as a Service.”

We love it! Obviously, QaaS plays on the commonly used Software as a Service (SaaS) term. Which is wonderful, because it puts the Q-wrx story into a few simple words that encapsulate the whole idea behind our signature offering in a way that IT buyers in regulated markets can easily grasp and share with others on their teams.

In the months since that initial QaaS conversation, Quality as a Service has become helpful shorthand for discussing the Q-wrx advantage with other customers as well. See this Q-wrx case study for an example of the solution at work.

Want to explore a QaaS solution via Q-wrx to meet your own IT regulatory and quality demands? We’re ready to engage. Please contact Adnan Shaben, Dynamic’s Vice President of Federal Sales, at 248-615-6425 or

 Here’s the Q-wrx wheel of compliance. It shows what your custom Q-wrx package can entail. Click to enlarge.