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Dynamic delivers…

  • Uninterrupted power supply and support during critical procedures
  • Enhanced reliability and performance of medical devices
  • Advanced technology and robust design
  • Dependable and efficient energy management
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Safety and Control

  • Provides safety and convenience
  • Greater ease in powering devices on and off
  • Reduces risk of electrical hazards including shocks, short circuits, and fires

Energy Efficiency

  • Increases energy efficiency by allowing users to disconnect devices from the power source when not in use
  • Eliminates standby power consumption

Convenience and Functionality

  • Enhances convenience and functionality for devices and systems
  • Provides straightforward method to control various devices


Portability and Convenience
  • Energy sources for a wide range of devices
  • Offers users freedom and flexibility to operate devices without being tethered to power outlet
Energy Storage and Backup
  • Allows for capture and use of energy when needed
  • Provides reliable backup power during outages
  • Ensures continuous operation of critical systems and appliances

Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS)

Power Continuity and Protection
  • Provides immediate backup power in a power outage
  • Ensures critical systems and devices remain operational without interruption
  • Essential for preventing data loss, equipment damage, and operational downtime
Voltage Regulation and Surge Protection
  • Offers voltage regulation and protection against power surges, spikes, and brownouts
  • Stabilizes voltage to deliver clean, consistent power
  • Protects against damage to equipment and malfunctions

Direct Current (DC) Systems

Enhanced Power Quality and Stability
  • Offers superior power quality and stability, particularly when equipment requires clean and reliable power
  • Reduces frequency fluctuations and harmonics
  • Delivers improved performance and longevity
Efficiency and Reduced Energy Loss
  • Minimizes energy losses
  • Leads to improved energy efficiency
  • Reduces operating costs over time


Versatility and Compatibility
  • Enables compatibility between electronic devices and power sources with different voltage and plug configurations
Safety and Protection
  • Including built-in safety features such as overcurrent protection, overvoltage protection, and short circuit protection…preventing damage to connected devices.

Some Our Strategic Partners...

How We Add Value

Product Sourcing

  • Research and Evaluation of Product Alternatives
  • Qualification and Recommendation of Products
  • Investigation and Validation of Product Country of Origin

Supply Chain Design and Management

  • Managing Risk through Supply Chain Risk ScoringSM 
  • Forecasting of Supply Availability
  • Managing Expected Product Lifecycles

Product Procurement

  • Coordination and Delivery of Product Samples
  • Management of Product Order Delivery and Quality
  • Management of OEM Pricing


Proactive End-of-Life Management

The Key to Product Lifecycle Extension

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