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Peripherals & Cables

Dynamic delivers…

  • Enhanced connectivity and fortified reliability
  • Extensive selection of peripherals and cable solutions
  • Industry leading innovation and quality
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Input Devices (Mice, Keyboards, Webcams)

Speed and Accuracy
  • Allows users to input data quickly and accurately
  • Essential for tasks involving extensive typing, coding, and data entry
Accurate Pointing and Clicking
  • Provides precise control for navigating graphical user interfaces
  • Makes it easier to select text, drag and drop items, and interact with screen elements
Telehealth Services
  • Webcams facilitate telehealth services
  • Allows patients to consult with healthcare providers remotely
  • Improving access to medical care, particularly in remote or underserved areas

Output Devices (Speakers, Headphones)

Speakers and Headphones
  • Provides high quality audio output
  • Allows users to hear sound from computers
  • Addresses a range of applications, including video conferencing and use of audio cues in software

Storage Devices (Hard Disk Drives, Solid State Drives, USB Drives)

High Storage Capacity
  • Offers a wide range of storage capacities, from gigabytes to terabytes
  • Allows users to store vast amounts of data
Fast Data Access
  • Strengthens overall system performance by providing fast data access, storage, and retrieval
  • Solid-state drives (SSDs) deliver significantly faster read and write speeds
  • Results in quicker boot times, and faster application launches
Reduced Latency
  • Low latency in storage devices enables faster data transfer and response times
  • Enhances responsiveness of applications, and reduces user wait times

Cables (Power, Data, Audio, Video)

Power Delivery
  • Provides reliable power to a broad range of computer components
  • Power cables, including AC adapters and power cords, deliver electricity from the power source to the device
  • Ensures continuous operation
Reliable Data Transfer
  • Enables transmission of data between computer components, peripherals, and external devices
  • Ensures reliable communication and connectivity…whether transferring files between devices, accessing network resources, or connecting to external displays
Identification and Labeling
  • Labeled or color-coded to facilitate identification and troubleshooting
  • Makes it easier to identify the purpose of each cable and to trace connections
  • Simplifies maintenance and troubleshooting tasks

Some Our Strategic Partners...

How We Add Value

Product Sourcing

  • Research and Evaluation of Product Alternatives
  • Qualification and Recommendation of Products
  • Investigation and Validation of Product Country of Origin

Supply Chain Design and Management

  • Managing Risk through Supply Chain Risk ScoringSM 
  • Forecasting of Supply Availability
  • Managing Expected Product Lifecycles

Product Procurement

  • Coordination and Delivery of Product Samples
  • Management of Product Order Delivery and Quality
  • Management of OEM Pricing


Proactive End-of-Life Management

The Key to Product Lifecycle Extension

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