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Dynamic delivers…

  • Seamless integration into a broad range of medical devices
  • Clear and precise visual data for enhanced diagnostics
  • Advanced technology ensuring reliable performance
  • Optimized devices and streamlined workflow efficiency
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Thin Film Transistors (TFT)

High Image Quality
  • Delivers sharpness and vibrant colors
  • Each pixel controlled individually
  • Higher resolution and better contrast ratios
Fast Response Time
  • Reduces motion blurring
  • Ensures suitability for moving images
  • Transistor switching capability
  • Facilitates rapid and smooth changes in display content
Wide Viewing Angles
  • Advanced TFT displays
  • Maintains accurate color and clarity when viewed from different angles
  • Essential for collaborative work environments, public displays, and multiple user devices

Liquid Crystal Displays (LCD)

Energy Efficiency
  • Consumes less power
  • Ideal for battery-powered devices
Compact / Lightweight Design
  • Thinner and lighter than other technologies
  • Improves ease of transportation
  • Enables integration into various forms
Range of Sizes and Applications
  • Highly versatile technology
  • Sizes range from small displays to large screens
  • Adaptability allows for range of applications across diverse fields

Light Emitting Diodes (LED)

Directional Light
  • Focuses illumination where it’s needed
  • Delivers high lighting efficiency
  • Minimizes energy waste
Energy Efficiency
  • Requires low energy to operate
  • Delivers high energy efficiency
Long Lifespan
  • Functions optimally up to 10 years before lumen efficacy depreciates
  • Longevity reduces need and expense of frequent replacements

Organic Light Emitting Diodes (OLED)

Superior Image Quality
  • Renowned for exceptional image quality
  • Characterized by deep blacks, high contrast ratios, vibrant colors
  • Achieves true blacks and infinite contrast
Flexible / Thin Design
  • Eliminates need for backlighting or separate light source
  • Allows for thinner, lighter, more flexible designs
Energy Efficiency
  • Independent lighting of each pixel
  • Produces significant energy savings in applications with mostly black / dark areas

Electronic Paper Displays (E Ink)

Exceptional Readability and Comfort
  • Mimics appearance of traditional ink on paper
  • Provides an easy-reading user experience
  • Reduces eye strain and glare
  • Ideal for prolonged reading sessions
Low Power Consumption
  • Only consumes power when screen content changes
  • Images remain visible without requiring additional power
  • Delivers significant energy savings
Superior Visibility
  • Easy to read in direct sunlight
  • Does not wash out in bright light
  • Reflective nature leverages ambient light
  • Highly effective in outdoor applications

Some Our Strategic Partners...

How We Add Value

Product Sourcing

  • Research and Evaluation of Product Alternatives
  • Qualification and Recommendation of Products
  • Investigation and Validation of Product Country of Origin

Supply Chain Design and Management

  • Managing Risk through Supply Chain Risk ScoringSM 
  • Forecasting of Supply Availability
  • Managing Expected Product Lifecycles

Product Procurement

  • Coordination and Delivery of Product Samples
  • Management of Product Order Delivery and Quality
  • Management of OEM Pricing


Proactive End-of-Life Management

The Key to Product Lifecycle Extension

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