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Our Products

You Need Products You Can Trust

We do much more than pull products from a shelf.

Our decades of experience working with the nation’s leading life sciences companies gives us a first-hand understanding of how products need to perform, and which products best meet real world requirements.

We conduct rigorous research and analysis on all product options. We test, qualify, and recommend products that meet client requirements.  And we apply our risk assessment disciplines to every product we offer.

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Our display product options seamlessly integrate into medical devices, delivering clear and precise visual data for enhanced diagnostics. With advanced technology that ensures reliable performance, they optimize complex devices and streamline workflow efficiency for medical professionals.


Our power product options guarantee uninterrupted power supply, enhancing the reliability and performance of medical devices. Featuring advanced technology and a robust design, our power solutions deliver dependable and efficient energy management to support your devices during critical procedures.

Mobility, Scanning & Printing

Our wide range of scanners and printers can be utilized for any type of application. Our products and related services deliver the capability and confidence of knowing you’re properly equipped to provide and communicate critical information when it’s needed, to make important decisions.


Our computing products elevate the performance of medical devices with cutting-edge technologies, optimized efficiencies, and enhanced capabilities. We seamlessly integrate and provide customized computing solutions tailored to your specific requirements.

Peripheral & Cables

Our extensive selection of peripheral and cable solutions enhance connectivity and ensure greater reliability in all types of medical devices. We guarantee that our proposed solutions represent the highest standards of innovation and quality.

Healthcare Technology

Our customized technology solutions elevate diagnostic precision, optimize workflows, and raise patient care standards for a wide range of healthcare facilities. We meet the diverse technology needs of the healthcare industry through our extensive product offerings and rigorous testing.

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How We Add Value

Product Sourcing

  • Research and Evaluation of Product Alternatives
  • Qualification and Recommendation of Products
  • Investigation and Validation of Product Country of Origin

Supply Chain Design and Management

  • Managing Risk through Supply Chain Risk ScoringSM 
  • Forecasting of Supply Availability
  • Managing Expected Product Lifecycles

Product Procurement

  • Coordination and Delivery of Product Samples
  • Management of Product Order Delivery and Quality
  • Management of OEM Pricing


Proactive End-of-Life Management

The Key to Product Lifecycle Extension

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