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Navigating the ARM Era: Expanding Your Strategic Options
Medical technology companies need to proactively adapt to new market dynamics to remain competitive and relevant.
The Lazarus Report Examines the Disruptive Impact of ARM Chips on the Medical Device Industry
As technologies continue to evolve, medical devices powered by ARM chips are likely to become indispensable tools in delivering advanced and personalized healthcare.
Dynamic Releases Second Issue of "The Lazarus Report" with a Focus on Product Lifecycle Management
In addition to taking a close look at how medical device manufacturers can adapt product development and management disciplines to keep up with technological change, this issue of Dynamic's "The Lazarus Report" features a number of news items related to product lifecycle management.
Dynamic Introduces "The Lazarus Report," a Quarterly Publication Devoted to Product End-of-Life Issues
Dynamic's inaugural issue of THE LAZARUS REPORT features a number of timely news items related to product lifecycle management, as well as an in-depth commentary on how the shift from Intel's x86 processor to an ARM platform is redefining technology lifecycles.


Proactive End-of-Life Management

The Key to Product Lifecycle Extension

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