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IT Asset Management Partnership: The Dynamic Difference

Given the complexity of today’s IT landscape, IT asset management (ITAM) goes far beyond simply making a list of assets and monitoring them. It entails figuring out the best assets for your company’s needs. IT teams need to know how to maximize and manage their lifecycle, ensuring compliance and security across all assets, handling disposal, and everything in between. All of this plays into strategic decision making for the IT environment. In short, companies now face the challenge of monitoring, optimizing and protecting their IT assets. A challenge often solved by partnering with an IT solution provider to take the load off.

However, with such an important task at hand, companies need to identify the best IT asset management partner to keep devices and software in check, and ultimately maximize ROI. With decades of industry experience, Dynamic Computer Corporation delivers just that through Q-wrxSM, a complete IT asset management and lifecycle solution.

Here’s what you can expect when you partner with us:


Understand and customize your IT assets:

We don’t believe in cookie-cutter approaches. Our team spends considerable time at the front end understanding the unique needs of each client. We conduct needs analysis, client interviews, as well as perform our own due diligence. We also take the time to learn what is unique about your environment to ensure our IT configuration systems are built 100% to your specifications.

Drastically shorten deployment and fulfillment:

We have a robust and well-built out logistics system allowing the shipping process to begin the same day orders are put in. What this means for our clients is that we have the ability to cut IT deployment time down from 2-3 weeks, to 2-3 days. On top of that, Dynamic manages product fulfillment to ensure that your products reach you in time to meet deadlines.

Variety of leading IT options:

Dynamic understands that as you are innovating within projects and processes, you’ll require options to meet those various needs. Over the years, we’ve formed over 500 leading technology partners, enabling you to acquire the IT hardware and software that best meet your needs. We also practice brand neutrality whereby we don’t favor one technology brand over another. This means we use any and all products to ensure you the best IT infrastructure.

Security and compliance:

Protecting your IT infrastructure is one of the most time-consuming and complex IT activities. With the increase number of workplace devices, comes an increase in the number and sophistication of network security threats. Dynamic employs the use of our UEM capabilities to protect device data, reduce the risk of data leakage, and keep software current with patching and update capabilities. From a compliance standpoint, we manage and store detailed and up-to-date IT asset information required for corporate and regulatory audits.

Never go over-budget:

Market pricing fluctuations are inevitable. With so many moving parts in a project, it can be easy to lose track of budgeting. Dynamic handles this by monitoring these fluctuations and acquiring products in accordance with the pricing structure pre-agreed upon. We also handle price negotiations so you don’t have to.

Trust & Transparency:

We believe that trust is the foundation of successful partnerships, and that transparency is one way of building it. We foster open lines of communications whereby we’re transparent about every process. We’ll keep you in the loop and report any delays.  So you always know what to expect and have adequate time to plan accordingly.

Dynamic understands the challenges that IT teams are facing today. On top of addressing fundamental IT needs, IT teams are tasked with balancing strategy, integrating digital transformation, handling big data. The list goes on and on.

We come into the picture to provide a comprehensive asset and lifecycle management solution that guarantees User Ready IT when and where you need it, so that IT teams can focus on innovation. Our clients think of us as an extension of their company. Contact us today to find out how we can help you achieve IT project success.



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