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Industry Focus


Dynamic’s area of expertise covers the life sciences industry, with particular emphasis on medical devices. Medical device manufacturing involves a broad, complex and constantly changing set of challenges. In addition to keeping pace with development of innovative equipment that incorporates scientific and technological advances, and that addresses patient needs, manufacturers must also maintain product quality standards, adhere to regulatory requirements, and manage production costs in a highly competitive market. 

Beyond those critical business issues, medical device companies must contend with the human factors associated with their products. Malfunctions or failures not only affect finances and brand reputation; the lives and safety of patients is also at stake. And in our increasingly connected world, the security of patient data is at greater risk. 

Our services – encompassing product design, development, validation, production, end-of-life and transition – cover a broad range of medical device categories, including: 

• In Vitro Diagnostics 

• Diagnostic Imaging 

• Diabetes Care 

• Cardiology Therapeutic 

• Respiratory Care Monitoring 

• Kidney Care / Dialysis 

• Cardiology Diagnostic and Monitoring 

• Molecular Diagnostics 

• Digital Diagnostics 

• Ophthalmology 

• Endoscopy 

• Pathology 

• Companion Diagnostics 

• Hemostasis 

Dynamic understands the complex challenges and opportunities involved in the manufacturing of medical devices.  Our intense focus on quality, compliance and risk management are the reasons why we have been trusted partners for so many years with some of the most successful and respected companies in this sector.