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Industries We Serve

Medical Devices

Medical device manufacturing involves a broad, complex and constantly changing set of challenges. In addition to keeping pace with development of innovative equipment that incorporates scientific and technological advances, and that addresses patient needs, manufacturers must also maintain product quality standards, adhere to regulatory requirements, and manage production costs in a highly competitive market.

Beyond those critical business issues, medical device companies must contend with the human factors associated with their products. Malfunctions or failures not only affect finances and brand reputation; the lives and safety of patients is also at stake. And in our increasingly connected world, the security of patient data is at greater risk.

Dynamic understands the complex challenges and opportunities involved in the manufacturing of medical devices, and our intense focus on quality, compliance and risk management are the reasons why we have been trusted partners for so many years, for the most successful and respected companies in this sector.

Aerospace & Defense

Beyond unprecedented global supply chain conditions – driven by shifting political alliances, tariffs and a worldwide pandemic – aerospace & defense manufacturers face a host of challenges, ranging from environmental regulations and the digital transformation, to cybersecurity threats and a competitive landscape dominated by a small number of large competitors.

Whether they supply the broader commercial market or discrete government applications, aerospace and defense companies operate in a mission-critical environment where precision and compliance can never be compromised. It’s an industry where are errors can be catastrophic, both in terms of lives lost and the economic survival of the enterprise.

Dynamic is qualified and capable of operating in this high-stakes environment because we have developed and refined, over the past 4 decades, the operational disciplines and organizational culture that’s required to address (and often exceed) the exacting requirements and expectations of our aerospace and defense clients.

Complex, Highly Regulated Enterprises

In addition to our deep expertise in Medical Device and Aerospace & Defense manufacturing, we assist other types of companies representing a wide range of other industries. These companies share common characteristics and requirements: their products are technologically complex and often interconnected; require several diverse components; must meet exacting compliance standards; and failure involves the potential for significant financial loss, physical harm or reputational damage. 

Whether we are helping to ensure predictable delivery of critical back-office technologies for large corporations, or helping to secure the personal or financial information for trusted institutions, we manage the asset lifecycle of on-spec, compliant and optimized hardware and software, ensuring delivery of the exact user-ready IT components — precisely when and where they are needed.

Our ISO-registered quality management process, combined with our relationships with 800+ technology partners, provides us with the flexibility to design, deliver and proactively and manage the niche technology needs of corporate enterprises of all types.