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Dynamic Streamlines Internet of Things IoT Product Development

How Dynamic Streamlines Internet of Things (IoT) Product Development

Regardless of the nature of a product or the industry, product development is an iterative process – filled with potential failure points and complexities. With IoT product development projects, however, those failure points and complexities are two-fold, if not more. According to a Gartner source, 8 out of 10 IoT projects fail even before they are launched. IoT projects can accurately be described as a high risk, high reward undertaking.

Where Dynamic Comes In

IoT projects require extensive design, development, testing, warehousing, logistics, and support. This means the risk of going over-budget, timelines delays, logistical nightmares, and security risks – to name a few issues.

Dynamic leverages our decades of industry experience to mitigate risks and streamline your IoT product development process:

Stay within budget

Given the number of moving parts and components that make up a final product, even with extensive planning, the likelihood of going over-budget is high. Every element of your project needs to be managed strategically. Dynamic gets ahead of this by monitoring market price fluctuations to prevent surprises down the road. We also handle price negotiations so you don’t have to. On top of that, we acquire quality products in accordance with the pre-agreed upon pricing structure to ensure you stay within budget.

Ensure quality control

Mistakes could happen at any development stage, and if not caught early on, can affect the quality of your final product – or cause your project to fail altogether. Dynamic prevents mishaps by ensuring your product is built to specification through ISO process. In every project we undertake, products go through extensive quality assurance processes. Regardless of whether your order is as big as 100 or 10,000, we work to ensure error-free products. Due to our strong partnerships with more than 500 technology leaders, you’ll also have access to the best hardware and software that best aligns with your project requirements.

Stick to timelines

The IoT market waits for no one – failure to launch your product within certain timelines could leave you trailing behind competitors. Experts at Dynamic will work closely with you to cut down time-to-market, without compromising quality. Our robust logistics system allows the shipping process to begin the same day orders are put in. This cuts down deployment time from 2-3 weeks, to 2-3 days. We fully manage product fulfillment to ensure product delivery within with your deadlines.

Remain compliant

IoT projects often employ the use of third-party components, which in addition to bringing up cost, opens you up to potential compliance and licensing issues. Because of multiple moving parts, your team may not have full visibility into all project components – and things could slip through the cracks. Dynamic only acquires products through OEM-authorized channels. This ensures your project won’t be corrupted by counterfeit products, and your organization won’t be subject to liability due to improper acquisition.

Minimize logistical nightmares

IoT projects require different components, tools, and frameworks for each stage. Managing these foundational aspects of the project can be time-consuming, not to mention, frustrating. Your IT team should be focused on the innovative aspects of your IoT project – not the logistical nitty-gritty. By leveraging our asset and lifecycle management solution, Q-wrxSM, we ensure smooth sailing from the product acquisition stage, all the way to your product’s end of life.

Maintain open lines of communication

Especially in IoT projects, many processes exist in silos. Different departments or individuals may be neck-deep in their own tasks and fail to stay connected. Dynamic emphasizes open lines of communications, staying transparent about every process. We make sure to always keep all parties involved in the loop to establish expectations and prevent setbacks due to communication failures.

Get Your IoT Project Off the Ground

The positive growth trajectory of the IoT market has attracted many. However, as strong as its growth may be, the failure rate of IoT projects remain high at 80%. Avoid the risks of an IoT product launch by partnering with Dynamic Computer Corporation to gain the competitive advantage you need. Our expertise will provide the process and knowledge needed to transition from design to development to logistics while keeping you on pace and under budget.

Ready to get your IoT project off the ground? Talk to a Dynamic expert today.



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