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Frequently Asked Questions

Dynamic provides an integrated suite of services. We:

  • Resell electronic and IT components and systems,
  • Provide technical and logistics services that customize, integrate, kit, package and deliver those components and systems,
  • Manage the lifecycle of those components and systems, and
  • Help transition to the next generation of those components and systems.

Dynamic’s customers are typically large companies in complex, highly regulated industries, including Medical Device Manufacturing and Aerospace & Defense.

Dynamic is able to aggregate our total spend to negotiate pricing with OEMS. Our decades of IT industry experience, and our deep understand market dynamics also enables us to negotiate the best prices for our customers.

Over the past 40 years, we’ve built an extensive network of OEM and distributor partners that enables us to source every available product.

Dynamic supplements internal teams, allowing them to focus on high value projects. We often handle work that is either routine, exacting or time-consuming, and is not the best use of their expertise or value to the company.

Dynamic’s quality-driven culture, as well as our internal systems and proven processes are focused on ensuring the highest standards of compliance for complex businesses. We hold all relevant ISO quality registrations and are audited regularly by customers and registrars to maintain those designations.

Dynamic’s reputation over the past 40 years, and our 98% level of customer retention is based, in large measure, on our ability to maintain the highest levels of security involving all types of data and information.

We’ve developed a proprietary Supply Chain Risk Scoring methodology that provide an objective, data-driven and actionable analysis of any Bill of Materials. We also manage supply chain risk by:

  • Working closely with our OEM partners and suppliers to gather current information on their supply chain issues;
  • Routinely assessing weaknesses in the supply chain, and working to mitigate them either by securing product, or sourcing alternative products whenever possible;
  • Closely monitoring news and communications from OEMs that indicate a supply chain issue may be imminent;
  • Conducting detailed risk analyses on products we supply, so customers know when procuring what the risk level of a certain product is.

Our largest customers prefer to purchase our integrated service offering. In many cases, they have transitioned the work from their internal teams to us, because they find it more convenient and cost-effective for Dynamic to be responsible for the entire lifecycle of their system and components. We will consider other types of working arrangements.

Strict adherence to our customers’ stringent processes and guidelines is core to what we do. We align with their business model and unique requirements, and always adapt to their needs.

Dynamic is a nimble company that has deep expertise and a broad network. We’re able to leverage those assets to provide on spec solutions quickly.

Our client list is always confidential. For new customers interested in speaking with our clients, we welcome the opportunity to make those connections, as one of the final steps in the engagement process.