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Tami Schultz
Vice President of Business Development

Tami Schultz is Dynamic’s Vice President of Business Development. She leads the Sales and Account Management functions, with responsibility for developing and implementing technology solution strategies to grow the company’s revenue through value-based business development.

Tami is a services outsourcing veteran with a proven track record in leading complex national and global services programs that leverage technology to enable business objectives while growing market share. She has held global executive leadership, strategy, operational, and sales management positions over the past 20+ years. During this time, Tami has been recognized for architecting, selling, negotiating, and closing the largest outsourcing contracts for Stefanini (and its predecessor TechTeam Global) while also competitively renewing outsourcing contracts for its most tenured strategic accounts. In these roles she:

Tami has led teams and client partnerships throughout the Americas, Europe, and Asia, establishing a competitive and customer driven culture through a servant leadership style of evangelizing the vision, shared accountability, teamwork, learning and growth, and celebrating success.

Tami is a graduate of Eastern Michigan University, where she earned a bachelor’s degree in organizational communications and business management. She was a former mentor/ advisor for the Golightly Education Center and Menttium, a member of Michigan Woman in Technology and a member of the Supply Chain Leaders in Action – Women in Action Committee.


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