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Does Your Team Need a Better IT Security Solution?

IT security may be a trending topic in the technology industry today, but because more security solutions are on the market, more endpoints are adopted every day and more businesses are becoming security-savvy, this topic will always be a top concern. As long as there are technologies, businesses and people that need protecting, endpoint security is a necessity and IT providers must work hard to stay on top of increasing and shapeshifting threats to evolve their products and better serve customers.

But how do you know if your IT security solution is up to speed, able to organize, protect and manage all of the tech tools your team needs to thrive? Take a moment to determine the security features crucial for your business by asking yourself a few hard-hitting questions. Then lookout for a few key features in your next security solution and get ready to make a change for the better.

How to Determine Your Needs

Ask yourself these questions to determine your basic security needs and learn why hitting these requirements in your current solution is important. If you find yourself answering no, it’s time to consider switching to a security platform that can keep up with your team, the industry and evolving threats.

  • Is your team able to manage endpoints through a single platform, or are you managing multiple touchpoints and systems? Having a one-stop shop for endpoint management, like a Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) solution, will decrease points of vulnerability.
  • Is your team able to easily review analytics and plan for the future? Collecting information is what enables teams to monitor endpoint safety and prepare plans to improve processes and company growth. Advanced integrated analytics should be built into modern IT security.
  • Is your security solution flexible and easy to use? With an endpoint security solution that offers scalability, flexibility and a smooth user interface, you have the opportunity to quickly and easily adjust your security systems and processes to match your business growth.
  • Is your IT team burdened by security management? If smart IT leaders and their teams are weighed down by everyday IT tasks, overwhelmed with securing many devices or unable to focus on more important business enablement efforts, your IT security solution is not doing its job.

What to Look For

There’s a lot that the best security solutions provide, so there’s a lot to look for in your next endpoint security and protection tool. But you can use this shortlist to get started:

  • Cloud-based capability and analytics integration
  • Network attack and botnet protection
  • Antivirus, antispyware and exploit blocker
  • Reduced number of control touchpoints
  • Easy deployment and simple UI
  • Fast, expert support and streamlined lifecycles

Top Endpoint Security Solutions

It’s easy to find what you’re looking for in top endpoint security solutions that many business leaders like yourself are adopting today. Talk to an IT provider that offers the services below to learn specifics on how they could improve your current security situation.

IT Lifecycle Management: Professional IT lifecycle management experts help you get a grip on your endpoints with product lifecycle and IT lifecycle management from acquisition and custom configuration to distribution and disposal.

IT Asset Management: Determine the best assets for your needs, ensure compliance and security, gather and analyze important metrics and lean on the experts for the trusted management of your IT environment.

Unified Endpoint Management: Move all of your endpoints together in a single solution for enhanced security for your users, assets and network and improved productivity for all.

For information on UEM and how IT teams can overcome some of the biggest industry roadblocks today, download the free eBook, UEM: Solving IT’s Top Challenges.

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